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Unique State of the art Heavy Duty Sliding Door - European

British Aluminium can supply and install one of the biggest lift and slide doors fabricated in the Middle East.

The MB-77HS “Lift & Slide” door product is an ideal solution for connecting interior space rooms with the outside balconies, terraces or garden areas.

Provides both a smooth & silent slide action operation Due to the system properties, & rigorous performance proven through a stringent testing regime, the MB- 77HS is ideally suited to many domestic & retail applications.

Providing a comfortable, safe working, cost effective & low maintenance solution for the end client. Each opening door leaf can be 3200mm height by 3300mm wide, and also weight up to 400kg. With its large glazing thickness option it can be easily triple glazed for enhanced thermal insulation to keep the cool air in the building.

With British Aluminium you do not have to compromise your ideal screen, whatever

construction you want we, will find a solution!




• Maximum leaf size - 10.56m2

• Maximum leaf weight - 400kg

• Frame depth -174mm

• Thermal insulationFrom 1.4 W/(m2k)

• Durable & slender profiles

• Height up to 3.2m, and width up to 3.3m, per leaf.

• Unique gasket & hardware designs ensure top weather and air tightness performance.


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