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Corporate Responsibility














We take health and safety extremely seriously as our company is a large european business that has had rapid growth over the past 5 years. We have strict health and safety regulations in place on site and in the manufacturing head quarters in the industrial area to ensure that no accidents will occur. 


We are also environmentally friendly and are constantly looking for ways to improve our recycling system. We recycle/re-use as much paper as possible, as well as cans, metals, plastic and other raw materials that can be salvaged or re-used. Any money British Aluminium gain from recycling will be donated to a local Qatar Charity as part our our charity sponsorship scheme.


Fair Salaries for all of our employees ensures that our company is a modern international organisation that retains our workforce so we do not have to turnover different staff members every two years. This means our finished product will be fabricated by professional, hardworking, experienced employees.


All our workforce live in good standard accomodation, as specified by Qatar labour law. 





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