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Fire Resistant Aluminium Screens

Fire Resistant Aluminium Screens



Automatic Aluminium Fire Screen

Automatic Aluminium Fire Screen

Fire Resistant Aluminium Screen

Fire Resistant Aluminium Screen

MB-78EI System

MB-78EI System

Fire Resistant Aluminium System

FEATURES OF THE MB-78 EI fire resistant aluminium system 


  1. Excellent fire protection performance

  2. 30, 60, 90 & 120 minutes EI

  3. Minimized smoke and heat transfer

  4. All products match non-fire resistant glazing.

  5. High thermal value to stop heat radiation.

  6. Rebated sections with high quality gaskets to stop sand penetration

  7. Water and air tight to high european standards

  8. Extruded in Europe

  9. Fast delivery and installation

  10. Free design and quotations

  11. Wide range of Aluminium finished

  12. Wide range of wood finished

  13. Glass Thickness 13 - 60mm

  14. Section Depth 78 - 118mm

  15. Maximum weight of Door 250KG

  16. Air Permeability Class 2 EN 12207:2001

  17. Water Tightness Class 5A EN 12208:2001

  18. Thermal Insulation From 1.6 W/m2K

  19. Acoustic Insulation 40DB , Can go higher if fitted with Acoustic Glass

  20. Manufactured in Qatar

  21. Windows, Doors, Partitions & Facades

  22. Automatic Swing & Sliding Door Screens

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Current Export Markets 

Middle East - Africa - Europe - Asia

Fire Resistant Aluminium Windows,Doors & Screens

British Aluminium LLC (Qatar) use unique modern aluminium systems filled with fire resistant material to protect from flames, gas and heat radiation. All our products are Integrity & Insulation (Class A).

British Aluminum’s systems offer includes specialized solutions: fire resisting, smoke proof and smoke exhaust structures up to EI120 class. Using these products in situations that threaten the life or health can buy time for safe evacuation while increasing chances to control the fire and reduce in losses caused by fire. 

Our Fire Resistant products can help to save lives and keep property safe.


British Aluminium always insist that installation can only be carried out by our qualified certified installers, this means none of the properties of the products are compromised due to poor installation techniques.

At all stages, from the first project to the final installation, all of our constructions are being tested repeatedly: we are certificated and audited by Exove, Warrington as well as Qatar civil defense department. 

Our dedication to quality and our 15 years of fire resistant aluminium expertise, ensure our product efficiency and the company's effectiveness. We are ready to fulfill all needs and expectations.

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