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About Fire Resistant Glazing


British Aluminum’s systems offer includes specialized solutions: fire resisting, smoke proof and smoke exhaust structures up to EI120 class. Using these products in situations that threaten the life or health can buy time for safe evacuation while increasing chances to control the fire and reduce in losses caused by fire.  


All our screens, doors and curtain walling can be aesthetically identical to non fire rated glazing products and therefore blend into the general appearance of the building.


All our fire resistant products have been rigorously tested in Europe and certified by Exova, Warrington in the UK. This is reputed to be one of the best certification bodies in the world. All our products also hold an approval certificate from the Civil Defense. Copies of the certificates are available on request.



























Fire glazing Explained


Time – Products have a maximum time before they fail. For example 120 minutes (120)

Integrity – Integrity is the Resistance to the passage of flames and smoke (E)

Insulation - Insulating stops the heat being radiated to the safe escape zone. (I)


Using the above information the fire rating required would be: 120EI


It is imperative to get a fire strategy in place in a building and by using British Aluminiums extensive range of fire resistant products you do not need to compromise on safety or aesthetics.


Our fire resistant products can help to save lives and keeps property safe



Press Release - 2016


Beyond the irreversible cost of human life, building fires can lead to massive financial costs. Considering that government statistics estimate about 1,000 fires annually in Qatar, it's certainly wise to apply effective preventive measures both to prevent and also reduce the potential destruction by fire. In this regard, British Aluminium WLL (a Qatar Civil Defence approved company) provides a wide range of high quality fire-resistant aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling, within the Gulf region. These are products that offer passive fire protection which preserves both occupants and buildings, by preventing the spread of fire, heat and smoke. One great thing about such passive fire protection is once installed, it requires no further action to activate in case of a fire. But that isn't the only beneficial aspect...


I. Passive Containment of Heat and Fire

As documented in a 10-year study in the United States, overheated materials and hot surfaces play a significant role in causing fires, apart from the most obvious direct fires. This shows the important role of fire-resistant products manufactured and installed by British Aluminium, which prevent transfer of heat from one side to another. To achieve this heat containment quality, the fire-resistant aluminium products are designed to be strong enough to withstand heat without failing, for as long as possible. Such windows and doors can maintain their integrity for as long as 120 minutes.


II. Passive Containment of Smoke

If occupant's lives are to be saved, containment of smoke should be viewed as one of the most critical aspects. This is because gas, smoke and toxic fumes are the main cause of fire-related victim deaths, as revealed in a study by the UK Department of Communities and Local Government. This is why British Aluminium's products are manufactured to be smoke proof. Moreover, through the company's expert team, the fire-resistant windows and doors are professionally installed to meet European smoke-proof standards. Effective smoke containment allows for safe evacuation of occupants, which greatly increases survival chances in fires.


III. Legal Compliance

In a bid to counter the huge challenge of fire safety infrastructure in Qatar, the Civil Defence Legislation was further enhanced to improve fire safety. In this enhanced legislation, the importance of fire-resistant doors is clearly noted, with explicit requirements to install and maintain such doors based on stringent guidelines by the Civil Defence Department.

Apart from meeting the stringent requirements and possessing approval certificates for all products from the Qatar Civil Defence Department, British Aluminium products are also rigorously tested based on European standards and certified by Exova (Exova is a highly reputable and world-leading certification body). This is further complemented by constant innovation applied in product manufacturing, to design products suited to a wide range of building designs.


IV. Aesthetically Appealing

Despite the critical fire-protection role they serve, fire-resistant aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling must also blend with and conform to the general appearance of a building. In fact, British Aluminium products are specially designed not just to fit in, but also enhance the internal and external appearance of a building.

Ultimately, these fire-resistant products not only ensure the highest standards of fire safety, but also fit in perfectly with modern building architecture.







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