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Fire Resistant Automatic Sliding Doors  MB-78EI DPA

British Aluminium LLC are the only company in the middle east to be able to fabricate and install our unique fire resistant automatic doors , this is the perfect application for public buildings and entrance screens.


In the event of the fire the automatic doors stay shut up to each other and stop any heat and flames transferring , ensuring that the other side of the screen is safe for 30 minutes.


Our UK sister company the first glazing organiszation in the united Kingdom supplied and installed an aluminium automatic fire resistant sliding door.


The MB-78 EI DPA system is used for execution of partitions with integrated automatic single and double sliding doors of fireproof class EI15 or EI30. It is based on the MB-78EI system of fireproof partitions with integrated door, which provides most components, such as main profiles, glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, gaskets and most accessories.

Each structure made from elements of the MB-78 EI DPA system must have authorization for use in accordance with regulations applicable in the country in which it is mounted.




  • Section Depth 78mm

  • Glazing Thickness 6mm - 49mm

  • Fire Resistance    EI15 , EI30



  • The system is based on three-chamber aluminium profiles with thermal spacers 34 mm wide.

  • The drive may be mounted onto the system partition or onto the masonry.

  • A wide range of glazing enables installation of all standard fire-proof glass panes of the class: EI15 and EI30, also when used in any type of glass insulating unit.

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