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Fire Rated Aluminium Curtain Walling MB-SR50EI

British Aluminium LLC have the capacity to manufacture and install thousands of square meters of fire resistant curtain walling on any one job , this system is the ultimate fire performance façade.


This curtain walling is a stick build mullion and transom curtain wall system , specifically designed for the construction of fire resistant screens and façades. The MB- 50EI system is perfect for the most challenging of designs and requirement as we can fabricate angles and mitred glass corners . Our sister company in the UK, is the only company to fabricate and install fire resistant mitred glass corners in Britian.


All standards have been approved by EXOVA ( Warrington) & the Qatar Civil Defence Department


  • Glass thickness 15 - 52mm.

  • Curtain walling box width 50mm.

  • Maximimum weight for glass240 KG.

  • Air permeability Class AE, PN-EN 12152.

  • Watertightness Class RE1200, PN-EN 12154.

  • Fire resitance EI15 , EI30 , EI45 , EI60.

  • Thermal Insuation from 1.9 W/m2K.

  • No limit on facade size.


  • Same appearance as non fire rated curtain wall.

  • large selection of available types of fire rated glazing.

  • Full compatibility with the MB - 78EI system, this allows fire rated doors to be fitted into a fire resistant curtain wall.

  • various design and aesthetics options for capping

  • Roof Glazing up to 80 Degree

  • 15 degrees available deviation from vertical position

  • Wide range of finish options

  • Large, wire free glass areas

Aluminium Capped
Silicone Jointed
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