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Josh Astin

Discover the captivating realm of modern Andalusian design with British Aluminium.

Our commitment to delivering unique and premium aluminum solutions takes center stage in crafting a majestic sitting area (majlis) that seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the richness of Andalusian design.


In the heart of Doha, witness the unfolding of our expertise as we provide affordable luxury products, including bespoke aluminum windows and doors. 

Beautiful Qatari Mejalis.JPG

Immerse yourself in the allure of modern Andalusian design, a masterpiece meticulously crafted by The DA Studio in collaboration with British Aluminium.

Situated in the heart of Doha, a captivating sitting area (majlis) unfolds, adorned with inviting sunken seats and distinguished by both internal and external arches. The gypsum intricately detailed with Islamic arches adds a touch of cultural richness to the space.

As your gaze explores this design narrative, the culmination of expertise reveals a sanctuary of affordable luxury. This testament to craftsmanship by The DA Studio and the authentic quality of British Aluminium seamlessly integrates innovation with timeless allure.

Noteworthy are the gorgeous and elegant Msherebia designed wooden panelled doors, gracefully complementing the building's aesthetic.


Delve into the details of this extraordinary creation, where each nuance reflects a dedication to artistry and the harmonious blend of modern Andalusian elegance. Welcome to a space that transcends the ordinary, inviting you into a realm where design is a celebration of genuine quality and refined beauty.

Highlighted below: Journey into the exquisite craftsmanship of our high-end aluminum door handles and secure locks, boasting a remarkable 10-year warranty. Positioned below, this collection speaks to the commitment of blending function with elegance.

To the right: Immerse yourself in the modern glass structure, a testament to contemporary design sophistication. The allure of sleek lines and transparent beauty creates a captivating essence that resonates within this space.


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