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Contemporary Farmhouse


Modern Heritage






Salman Al-Sulaiti

Aluminium Fabrication

British Aluminium


Salman Al-Sulaiti

We had the privilege of collaborating with the meticulous client and visionary designer Salman Al Sulaiti on a project that perfectly embodies the intersection of modern aesthetics and Arabic heritage. Contracted to install modern aluminum windows and doors that seamlessly collide with the beautiful design of a contemporary farmhouse, the journey was nothing short of a pleasure.


Our team, with over 10 years of expertise in the Qatar market, takes pride in understanding our clients' needs. We extend our gratitude to our client for their meticulous approach and to designer Salman Al Sulaiti for his unwavering drive to bring a unique vision to life.


British Aluminium continues to be your expert partner in delivering affordable luxury products that elevate the essence of contemporary design for villas, chalets, and farms.


Featured above: The allure of timeless beauty at this contemporary farmhouse. A seamless fusion of Qatari natural plants alongside a traditional mud design wall.

Nature intertwines with tradition, forming a captivating and enduring essence that encapsulates the very soul of this space.

To the left: behold the majestic sight of a traditional Qatari oryx set against the picturesque backdrop of the farmhouse

on a uniquely cloudy day.

Heritage and nature captured in a single frame. 

To the right:  As the sky graces us with rare overcast and cloudy skies over this unique farmhouse,  we find designer Salman Al Sulaiti in a moment of quiet reflection. A captivating blend of traditional Gulf architecture and a profound desire to capture the essence of his nation's history, this contemporary farmhouse is a testament to his vision and commitment.

In this minimal yet elegantly designed space, every corner tells a story, a narrative born out of love for tradition and a keen eye for modern aesthetics. Where every detail speaks of passion and the pursuit of beauty.

This is a farmhouse that stands not just as a dwelling but as a living testament to the rich tapestry of Qatar's architectural narrative. 

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